Position Title:                             Activities Director

Location:                                       Twin Cities Pavilion & Crestview Manor

Immediate Supervisor:             Facility Director



Major Responsibility:


Arrange and schedule a wide range of activities to enhance the physical, emotional and mental well-being of facility residents.



  1. Develop, schedule and coordinate social activities in compliance with AHCA licensing requirements.

  2. Encourage resident attendance and involvement in scheduled activities.

  3. As available, arrange outings to community events/happenings, museums, shopping, festivals, etc.

  4. Coordinate efforts with local colleges to integrate special areas of study into meaningful programs for residents.

  5. Develop activities which include family and/or friends.

  6. Attend functions of local Chamber of Commerce to strengthen support network.

  7. Act as point of contact for all volunteers and other persons expressing an interest in volunteering at the facility.

  8. Be prepared, within your range of skills, to assist residents in problem solving. Contact families if situations warrant.

  9. Attend and record all Resident Council meetings.

  10.  Photograph all events, maintain bulletin boards/birthday board; be responsible for seasonal decorating of facility; coordinate birthday celebrations; create and post weekly/monthly activities calendar.

  11.   Develop and print monthly resident newsletter.

  12.   Accept, acknowledge, and record community donations.

  13.   Collect pertinent demographic information for submission to Administrative office.

  14.   Network with community churches, organizations, and businesses for donations in support of activities.

  15.   Develop presentations for local organizations to disseminate information as it pertains to the facility and its residents.

  16.   Other duties as required to assure safe and successful operation of Assisted Living Facility or as assigned by the Facility Director.

Conditions of Employment


This position must provide results from or be able to pass a Level II Background Screening which does not contain any disqualifying events as outlined by AHCA Standards.



Must be of good and stable character with a high school education and ability to read and accurately maintain records as assigned. Must be patient, caring and able to perform with minimum supervision, have good listening and communication skills, and the ability to work cooperatively with other staff on facility projects. Ability to follow written and oral instructions to complete tasks. Work schedule will be determined by the facility’s needs and as determined by the Facility Director.


Personal Appearance:


Must be clean and neat all times.  Tee shirts with slogans, advertisements, or depicting cartoons, celebrities/musicians or inappropriate phrasing are considered to be inappropriate work attire. Shorts and skirts more than 2” above the knee are prohibited.


Special Requirements:


Must be able to work with little or no supervision. Must be capable of managing time effectively and efficiently to assure assigned tasks are completed within time allowed and in a manner that assures quality work.


Wage Scale:


Starting wage is $9.00/hour. Increases will be determined by merit, length of service, and budgetary constraints, and are not to exceed 3% per annum.

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