Position Title:                        Lead Building Maintenance

Location:                                 Crestview Manor

Immediate Supervisor:        Facility Director


Major Responsibility:


Assure the general maintenance of building and safety and welfare of residents by performing assigned duties. Major repairs or maintenance to be reported to the Facility Director and Administrator.




  1. Adhere to maintenance schedule for all machinery and equipment, including kitchen and laundry.

  2. With the Facility Director, maintain a binder for all equipment, identifying: nomenclature, model, serial number, or other appropriate identification information, date of purchase or installation, copy of warranty, manual and parts replacement literature.

  3. Develop a maintenance log which reflects date of inspection, findings, routine maintenance, or specific corrective action or service required.

  4. Schedule and record test runs on generators and assure gas supply for emergencies.

  5. Conduct and record monthly fire alarm and sprinkler tests.

  6. Develop and maintain schedule of safety checks and routine servicing for heating, AC units, stoves, electrical appliances, and smoke detectors. Check wiring on all appliances.

  7. Be alert for defective wiring, plumbing, or any fire or safety hazard and arrange immediate corrective action.

  8. Assure that the integrity of fire walls is not compromised with cracks, holes or openings.

  9. Inspect walls and ceilings routinely. Immediately repair peeling paint, cracks, holes or openings.

  10. Adhere to procedures designed to avoid any spread of infection through waste products, airborne bacteria, etc.

  11. Be sure floor coverings and surfaces are kept safe for residents and staff.

  12. Maintenance of lawn, plantings and grounds, fertilizing, mowing, pruning or policing as needed.

  13. Must provide emergency contact numbers and may be recalled hurricanes/weather related emergencies disasters, or major equipment failures.

  14. Assist and observe contract personnel as needed.

  15. Be available to housekeeping, kitchen/dining room staff, or resident aides to lift heavy items.

  16. Conduct and record Quarterly Fire Drills.

  17. Attend Risk Management/Safety committee meetings.

  18. Other maintenance, repair and refurbishing tasks as assigned or directed by the Facility Director.


Conditions of Employment:


Must be physically able to climb, lift and bend as needed to accomplish tasks. Must maintain a current Florida Driver License with a clean driving record. Must be able to work with chemicals and detergents associated with performance to tasks. Must provide results from a Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) report which does not contain any disqualifying events as outlined by AHCA standards. Must pass a pre-employment drug screening.




High School diploma or equivalency. Working knowledge of general maintenance tasks as outlined in job duties. Must demonstrate basic mechanical skills and experience in electrical, plumbing, carpentry and painting. Must be able to follow written and oral instructions needed to complete tasks. This position requires patience and a caring attitude as well as the ability to organize and work with a minimum amount of supervision. Must possess good listening and communication skills and the ability to work cooperatively with other staff. Work schedule will be determined by the facility’s needs as determined by the Facility Director.


Personal Appearance:


Will be expected to report to work in clean, neat attire and wearing safety shoes. Must use safety equipment as required.


Special Requirements:


Must be able to work with little or no supervision. Must be capable of managing time effectively and efficiently to assure assigned tasks are completed within time allowed and in a manner that assures quality work.


Wage Scale:


Starting wage is $12.00/hour. Increases will be determined by merit, length of service and budgetary constraints.

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