History (continued)...

Shortly after Twin Cities Pavilion opened their doors, Mrs. Lovejoy requested, and received, use of the vacated Crestview Hospital. A year later the second Adult congregate Living Facility opened as Crestview Manor.

After two failed attempts to implement a public transportation division, Mrs. Lovejoy was approached by the Florida Department of Transportation.  Perhaps reluctantly, she accepted the challenge and with eight high mileage/high maintenance vehicles, Okaloosa County Transportation came to fruition. It faithfully served for many years as the only successful public transportation system in the county. The contract was eventually awarded to an out-of state provider and is no longer run by us.

The agency name was changed from Okaloosa County Council on Aging to Elder Services of Okaloosa County to be more recognizable with the newly established Department of Elder Affairs. The Agency currently operates the Community Care for the Elderly programs, the locally funded Meals on Wheels Program, a small non-skilled Home Health Agency (Elder Home Care), and continues to oversee the operations of Twin Cities Pavilion and Crestview Manor.

The agency is a non-profit governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

Mrs. Ruth Lovejoy passed away in 2019. She will be sorely missed but her vision lives on in all that we do.

OUR MISSION: To provide quality care to aging adults and handicapped individuals. To keep individuals in the preferred setting of their own home whenever possible. It is about the dignity of the person and to assist in keeping them as independent as feasible for as long as possible. Our Assisted Living Facilities are there when the home is no longer an option.

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