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Have you fallen?  Are you alone and afraid of falling?  Learn 
more with MedicAlert  . . . . . .
Not all Medical Bracelets are created Equal.
 August has been designated as  MedicAlert Awareness Month.
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Medicaid has a free App call What's Covered for Android and iOS that tells you whether Medicare Part A or B will cover a specific medical test or service. It offers the same information found on the Medicare.gov website.
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Studies show that food doesn't taste as good if we eat it while standing. On the other hand, standing helps people better tolerate unpleasant tastes such as medicine.

About Alzheimer's Disease: Alheimer's Basics

National Institute of Aging

How to Offer Comfort to Someone Who is Dying


Maggie Callanan, RN

August 2012


Stretching Those Body Parts 

by Jessica Matthews, DBH

March 2020


How can YOU spot Inaccurate News


Emily Paulin, AARP  

July 8, 2020

Stepping Into the Caregiver Role

Caregiver's Guide to Doctor's Visits

September 2019

Music as Medicine

Reduce pain, Improve Memory

and Lift Your Mood


Barbara Else, MT-BC

CJournal of Music Therapy

August 2019


Over Coming Anxiety & Depression in the Covid-Quarantine World

by Dr Jacob Teitelbaum, MD

There are a variety of VA Benefits available for veterans who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma.    This link can supply you with the information you need.  

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