Position:                                        Resident Care Assistant


Location:                                       Twin Cities Pavilion


Immediate Supervisor:           Facility Supervisor


Major Responsibility

Coordination of all resident services to assure provision of total quality care.  



  1. Disseminate facility brochures and establish network with discharge planners of local hospitals, home health agencies, hospice organizations, hospital and other health related entities providing services to the community’s elder population.

  2. Meet with potential residents and/or their family/sponsor to discuss facility services, availability, and conduct tours as requested.

  3. Respond to telephone inquiries regarding services and vacancies.

  4. In consultation with Facility Supervisor, conduct residency assessment to determine appropriateness of placement.  This will include re-assessment of residents returning from hospital, nursing home or rehabilitative care.  Final approval will be made by the Facility Supervisor.

  5. Assist new residents and/or family/sponsor to complete contract.  Review all applicable rules for residency as well as resident rights.  Submit all documentation to the Assistant Director to establish resident log.

  6. Provide orientation to all new residents as well as ongoing support as needed through transition period.

  7. Coordinate with staff RN for completion of monthly assessments for ECC/ALW residents.

  8. Coordinate with designated ALW agency/Case Manager for development, review, and maintenance of resident Care Plans.

  9. Provide counseling and address questions and concerns of residents and their family/sponsor.  Issues for counseling may include, but are not limited to, health changes, personal care/hygiene, housekeeping, behavior issues, medical care/access, and changes in facility policies and procedures.

  10. Coordinate with hospice agency in the event of resident impending death.

  11. Work closely with Activities Director to plan and implement social activities benefiting residents and their well being.  Actively encourage resident participation.

  12. Remain current on all applicable regulatory requirements.

  13. Support and cover Resident Aide positions are required.

  14. Maintain open communication with the Facility Director to assure continuity of services and quality care for each of the residents.

  15. Provide required escort to medical appointments as needed.

  16. Provide billing information as requested to Assistant Administrator by the 3rd of each month.

  17. All other duties as assigned by the Facility Supervisor.



Conditions of Employment

This position requires the ability to provide the services and care required by ECC Licensure Standards.  Must provide results from a Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) report which does not contain any disqualifying events as outlined by AHCA standards.  Current certification in First Aide and CPR required.  Abide by all statutes related to HIPPA and Confidentiality.


Must be of good and stable character with a minimum of a high school education.  Must possess the ability to read and accurately maintain records as assigned.  Must be patient, caring and able to perform with minimum supervision, have good listening skills, communicate in a professional manner, and the ability to work cooperatively with other staff on facility projects.  Ability to follow written and oral instructions necessary to complete tasks.  Work schedule will be determined by the facility’s needs and as determined by the Facility Director.  Strong leadership skills.

Special Requirements

Must be able to work with little or no supervision.  Must be capable of managing time and prioritizing effectively and efficiently to assure assigned tasks are completed within time allowed and in a manner that assures quality work.  Must possess strong oral and written grammatical skills.  Must utilize discretion with all issues related to residents and their families/sponsors. 

Wage Scale

 Starting wage is $10.00/hour.  Increases will be determined by merit, length of service and budgetary constraints and not to exceed 3% per year.

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