Position Title:                          Housekeeper

Location:                                  Twin Cities Pavilion and/or Crestview Manor

Immediate Supervisor:         Facility Director



Position Summary:

To assure the safety, health, and welfare of the residents by performing assigned duties. To assist in maintaining a clean, sanitary, and attractive environment.



 1.        Clean assigned areas as instructed by Facility Director and in accordance with attached schedule.  Record completed assignments on log.

 2.        Note and respond appropriately to accidents associated with continence, cleaning and sanitizing as required.

 3.        Assist residents with personal needs as directed.

 4.        Monitor facility common areas and grounds to maintain appearance.  Report concerns to Maintenance Supervisor as appropriate.

 5.        Prevent hazards to residents by identifying potential problems with equipment or structure. Report safety issues to Maintenance Supervision immediately.

 6.        Note and report significant changes in resident appearance and/or behavior.

 7.        Be available to assist during emergency conditions such as hurricanes, staff illness, etc.

 8.        Preserve the dignity and independence of the resident by using the correct greeting. Using a title (Ms.,  Mrs., Mr.) before the first or last name will help to create a desired sense of identity.

 9.        Respect the resident’s right to make choices and the multiple losses associated with the aging       process. Communicate with gentleness, courtesy and professional concern.

10.       Maintain open communication with supervisor staff, the Resident Care Coordinator and co-workers.

11.       Participate in staff training.

12.       Adhere to facility procedures for sanitizing facility and maintaining cleanliness of facility. Frequent hand washing is required to prevent contamination or transfer of bacteria among residents and staff. It is required that staff wear gloves and wash hands after assisting residents with continence care or being treated for any occasional minor infection.

13.       Be available and cooperative in helping with special events and activities scheduled for residents.

14.       Monitor personal hygiene items as rooms are cleaned. Note and report if family contact is needed to purchase needed items.

15.       Other duties as required to assure safe and successful operation of Twin Cities Pavilion or assigned by Facility Director.


Conditions of Employment:

This position requires the ability to provide the services and care required by ECC Licensure Standards. Must be able to pass a Level 2 background screening as outlined by AHCA standards. Must pass a pre-employment drug screening.

Current certification in First Aide and CPR desirable.



Must be of good stable character with a minimum 10th grade education and ability to read and accurately maintain records as assigned. Must be patient, caring, and able to perform with minimum supervision, have good listening and communication skills, and the ability to work cooperatively with other staff on facility projects. Ability to follow written and oral instructions to complete tasks. Work schedule will be determined by the facility’s needs and as determined by the Facility Director.


Personal Appearance:

Must be clean and neat at all times. Scrubs are the recommended clothing attire. Tee shirts with slogans, advertisements, or depicting cartoons, celebrities/musicians or inappropriate phrasing are considered inappropriate. Shorts and skirts more than 2” above the knee are prohibited.


Special Requirements:

Must be capable of managing time effectively and efficiently to assure assigned tasks are completed within time allowed and in a manner that assures quality work.


Wage Scale:

Starting wage is $9.00/hour with a possible increase to $9.90 after 90 days if work standards are met and the budget allows.  Increases will be determined by merit, length of service and budgetary constraints.

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