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  • Okaloosa County Drive

    Elder Services of Okaloosa County is currently holding a drive to provide window air conditioners to frail, at-risk elderly and handicapped individuals within our communities. We want to help those on fixed incomes that cannot afford to cool their whole house or pay hefty repairs for outdated air conditioning units. These are vulnerable elder adults who are forced to make decisions between utilities, housing, food and medical/medications. They are particularly sensitive to the heat and dehydration. A cool room provides some refuge so they may rest.

    Please find it in your heart to assist. Our seniors receive so little assistance and ask for less. Let us help them to remain in the preferred setting of their home while maintaining their independence and dignity.

  • 40th Anniversary

    Crestview Manor will be celebrating its 40th Anniversary in service to the communities most frail and vulnerable elders and/or handicapped individuals. The facility's priority it to provide a safe and home-like alternative to those of low-and-modest income. We have served faithfully since 1982 when we opened the renovated building for those who no longer felt safe living alone. Please join us on Saturday, August 20th, at 2:30 PM at Crestview Manor, 603 North Pearl Street, Crestview, FL 32536.

  • Emergency Meals

    Elder Services of Okaloosa County is offering shelf-stable, emergency meals to vulnerable elder and/or handicapped individuals. The meals have been donated by Florida Power and Light (FPL). Meals on Wheels recipients will be targeted for this event. The meals are meant to be used in the event of storm damage or power outages. The agency will be providing three days (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) supply to each participant.