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Discover Alternative Living At Elder Services of Okaloosa County

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Elder Services of Okaloosa County has been providing affordable living options for low-to-modest-income elders and disabled individuals since 1981. The concept was initiated by Ruth Lovejoy, a visionary who saw the need for a safe and secure environment for those who could no longer live alone. With the opening of Twin Cities Pavilion Assisted Living Facility in 1981 and Crestview Manor in 1982, the Alternative Living concept became a reality.

The greatest challenge for the facilities was securing state funding for the major renovation projects associated with converting outdated hospitals into functioning Assisted Living Facilities. The community came together to assist with remodeling individual rooms to create a home-like atmosphere for residents. It took persistence, education, and faith that decision-makers would realize the benefit to the community and its most at-risk population. Once the buildings were committed and funding was secured, staff and volunteers worked day and night to bring the vision to reality.

Our mission is to provide quality care at an affordable cost to those who no longer feel secure living alone. Our "home" is humble and home-like, with caring and compassionate staff. As a private, non-profit entity, we do not provide the extra amenities of those who operate for profit. Our target population is the low-to-modest income individuals who cannot afford luxuries. Ours are the only two facilities actively accepting Medicaid recipients.

At Elder Services of Okaloosa County, we recommend that potential residents initiate the Medicaid application while living independently. Our staff will work with clients and their families to navigate the system and speed up the process. We allow for a more affordable option for those on limited incomes or those looking to limit their expenses. Our costs are half of those of for-profit facilities and do not charge up-charges for services provided. There are no hidden fees to contend with or budget for.

We take pride in providing a clean and safe environment for all residents and staff. All are monitored closely for COVID symptoms with quick responses to minimize outbreaks. Universal precautions are practiced at all times to protect the most vulnerable.

With our alternative living, each client story has its special place in the hearts of our staff. We provide a refuge for those at-risk and vulnerable adults with nowhere else to turn to remain close to family and friends. Our facilities have consistently provided quality care at an affordable cost for over forty years.

If you are looking for a licensed home health care agency in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, reach out to us at Elder Services of Okaloosa County. We offer elder home care assistance, respite care, personal care, assisted living facilities, and more!

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