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Elder Services

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Elder Services of Okaloosa County

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Elder Services of Okaloosa County provides a hot, nutrition noon-time meal to those who are food insecure living within out communities.  We target those who find it difficult to prepare their meals or must make choices between nutrition and other necessities such as medication and living expenses.  Meals are served Monday through Friday by loving volunteers who give of their time to ensure our most vulnerable are cared for.  

Elder Services was formed by a group of volunteers who identified a need within our aging community.  With a small grant from the United Way of Okaoosa County the agency formally incorporated.  United Way has been a critical supported of our efforts since 1971.  With so much funding for other worthy projects, they understand that our elderly are the fastest growing population.  It is anticipated that by the year 2030, the 65+ adults will outnumber those younger.

Unfortunately, few recognize the growing demand for our vulnerable elderly.  Fixed incomes and rising costs force dangerous decisions to be considered.  Food is generally the first sacrifice.  Poor nutrition lead to increased ER and hospital visits, chronic health problems, and cognitive impairment.  The ultimate sacrifice is often premature institutionalization.

Our mission is to provide the support needed to help our aging demographic to remain in the preferred setting of their home.  Through a combined effort we can grow to meet the demand.  Won't you please help us to assist your frail, at-risk neighbors?  Elder Services is in need of volunteers, donation, and referrals.  If you know someone who needs our help, please reach out.  850-833-9165