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Stay Cool this Summer with the Summer AC/Fan Assistance Program!

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As the hot summer months approach, it’s important that everyone, especially elderly and handicapped individuals, have access to a reliable source of cooling to combat the Florida heat. That’s why we at Elder Services of Okaloosa County are excited to introduce the Summer AC/Fan Assistance Program! In this blog post, we’ll share all the details about this wonderful initiative, including how it benefits the community, where and when you can get involved, and how we can help you stay cool throughout the summer. So, grab a glass of lemonade, settle into your favorite chair, and read on to discover how you can ensure a comfortable summer season.

The Summer AC/Fran Assistance Program: Keeping You Cool

The Summer AC/Fan Assistance Program is a community-driven initiative by Elder Services of Okaloosa County aims to provide portable AC’s and fans at no cost to vulnerable elderly and handicapped individuals. With the rising costs of utilities, we understand the financial burden that cooling energy costs pose for many individuals. Our goal is to offer an alternative cooling source during the winter months, ensuring that no one has to choose between staying cool and affording other essential needs.

Accessing the Program: Dates and Locations

The Summer AC/Fan Assistance Program generally runs between April and August, depending on the weather conditions. During this time, portable AC’s and fans can be picked up at either of our offices in Fort Walton Beach or Crestview. In Fort Walton Beach, our address is 207 Hospital Drive, and in Crestview, you can find us at 294 Mart Luther King Ir. Boulevard. We’ve strategically chosen these locations to make it convenient for residents of Fort Walton Beach, Destin, Mary Esther, Crestview, Shalimar, Niceville, Valparaiso, and the surrounding areas to access our services.

How It Works: Support from the Community

The Summer AC/Fan Assistance Program is made possible by generous donations of portable AC’s and fans from care community individuals, organizations, and clubs. We deeply appreciate the support we receive, as it allows us to provide these essential resources to those who need them most. By participating in this program, you not only receive a portable AC or fan but also become part of a community that cares for and supports one another.

Cool, Comfort, and Support with Elder Services of Okaloosa County

With the summer months here, Elder Services of Okaloosa County is committed to ensuring that every individual in our community stays cool, comfortable, and safe. The Summer AC/Fan Assistance Program is just one of the many ways we strive to improve the lives of elderly and handicapped individuals. Our dedicated team is here to support you and address any challenges you may be facing. We understand that you may have questions or require additional information about the Summer AC/Fan Assistance Program. You can visit either of our offices during our operating hours, or if you prefer, you can give us a call.

Whether our respite care, personal care, assisted living services, or any other assistance you require, we are ready to provide the compassionate care and support you deserve. We invite you to get in touch with us today to learn more about the services we offer.

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