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FCOA Myth-Information News

What is Myth-Information?

Myth-Information is a widely held and/or promoted, but false, piece of information.  

The topic for this month is Physical Therapy.

Myth-Information #1 - Health insurance does not cover physical therapy.

FACT - Most medical insurances include some physical therapy benefits.  The number of visits and whether or not there is a co-payment will vary from plan to plan.

Myth-Information #2 – A physical therapist is the same as a personal trainer.

FACT – Physical therapists are highly trained. Many physical therapists have additional certifications in stroke, orthopedic, neurological, geriatric, vestibular, Parkinson’s disease or lymphedema care.  Personal trainer certifications do not typically address working with individuals with certain disease states or addressing rehabilitation after accident or injury.

Myth-Information #3 – Physical therapists can easily predict how each patient will progress.

FACT –  There is no crystal ball to predict the progress or recovery of a patient.   Physical therapists try to help patients understand what they see as their current potential and what might be possible based on the level of their injury. There is always room for hope.  For instance, with spinal cord injuries, it’s never black and white what recovery may look like and if regression may happen. Patients are provided with a plan based on what they and the therapist can see and anticipate right now. If any circumstances change, it’s time to reevaluate.

Myth-Information #4 – A positive attitude has little influence on how patients deal with physcial therapy/rehabilitation.

FACT – A positive attitude makes a significant difference in helping someone to achieve the highest level of independence possible. This may sometimes mean a full recovery of physical function; other times it may mean using technology and equipment to lead an active and independent lifestyle. A positive attitude and motivation are keys to success in both of these scenarios.


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