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How To Access State Funded Programs For The Elderly

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Our elderly play important social roles in assisting their children, working in various capacities in the community, and providing wisdom and advice to younger generations. State-funded programs for the elderly enable older adults to access resources that support healthy living and promote independence. Together, these services promote their ability to maintain the highest possible levels of function, participation, and dignity in the community.

However, if you have never availed of programs for the elderly before, you may have many questions about where to begin and the process.

To help you with all your home health care needs, the experts at Elder Services of Okaloosa County have put together a few essential steps that you should follow. These steps include tips to help you figure out the fastest and best way to get access to state-funded programs for the elderly.

1. Contact Northwest Florida Area Agency On Aging Inc.
The Northwest Florida Area Agency On Aging Inc. is a private non-profit corporation funded by the Federal Older Americans Act and State General Revenue through the Department of Elder Affairs (DOEA). It serves senior residents sixty years old and older of Escambia, Santa Rosa, Walton, and Okaloosa counties. The Agency collaborates with community-based service providers to plan, coordinate, develop, and evaluate programs and services for the elderly. Their aging and disability resource center provides information and referral services to the aging population and persons with developmental disabilities. Their number is 850-494-7101. Once you call them, their staff will conduct an interview to assess your current situation and immediate needs.

2. Answer questions honestly
The Northwest Florida Area Agency On Aging Inc. staff will ask you questions about your finances, health, home, and present support system to determine the urgency of your needs. Be honest with your answers and provide them with as much detail as possible so they can get a clear picture and provide assistance without delays.

3. Once you have completed the application, wait patiently
Next, the Northwest Florida Area Agency On Aging Inc. will assess the collected information and assign you a “priority score.” At this point, you must be patient as they work to find you a spot on the state-funded program. You may be placed on a waiting list until an opening becomes available.

4. Arrange to meet your case manager to hand over documentation and discuss your situation
Once your application is released to a care provider agency in your area, you will be contacted by a case manager to arrange a meeting to conduct a more thorough assessment. The case manager will need to see documentation regarding your income and medications. They will also assess your living situation, including the inside and outside of your home.

5. Together, come up with a care plan that works
You, along with the case manager, will develop a care plan which outlines the services you will receive to help alleviate your present challenges. Remember, you will be a significant contributor to this process, so speak your mind and highlight issues you have so we can work together to fulfill your needs.

6. Avail of care services from a local vendor and meet your new caregiver

Finally, care services will be ordered from a local vendor, and you will be visited by a care worker who will assist you with your needs. Caregivers are trained attendants who help in daily activities such as bathing, dressing, eating, and maintaining personal hygiene and are there to support you to remain independent and safe.

To learn more about how to avail community care for the elderly, reach out to Elder Services of Okaloosa County. Established in 1971 as Okaloosa County Council on Aging by a group of concerned citizens, we are a licensed home health care agency in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, providing an array of non-medical and social services for the frail, at-risk, or recuperating persons. Our services help you remain in your preferred setting and the comfort of your home. Our in-home elder care and caregiver services are available across Fort Walton Beach, Mary Esther, Crestview, Niceville, Valparaiso, and the surrounding areas.

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