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Busted! Don’t Believe These Myths About Elder Abuse!

Author: Elder Services Of Okaloosa County | | Categories: Ageing Services , Caregivers , Home Care Assistance

Blog by Elder Services of Okaloosa County

Older adults, who are often physically frail, have a harder time caring for themselves, fighting bullying, or defending themselves from attackers. Along with mental or physical disabilities, they can be more challenging companions for those who live with them. Moreover, they may not be able to see or hear as clearly as they used to, giving unscrupulous people the opportunity to exploit them.

Unfortunately, that lack of awareness leads to more elder abuse. Therefore we at Elder Services of Okaloosa County are committed to protecting the elderly not just through pursuing their rightful compensation following abuse but also by preventing it from happening in the first place. This is why we have described below some of the most common myths about elder abuse so that we can hopefully put an end to them together.

Myth 1: Most elder abuse occurs in nursing homes

The first myth contends that elder abuse only happens in nursing homes, which is not true! While abuse may take place in these establishments and at the hands of strangers, a majority of victims live in their own homes or with relatives.

Myth 2: Strangers and paid caregivers are the ones preying on older people

In fact, most abuse is by a known and trusted person, usually a family member. Abuse is frequently hidden as a family “secret” or by an older adult who does not want the abuser to get into trouble or be arrested. This reluctance to report the abuse can make detection very difficult.

Myth 3: If an older adult is experiencing physical abuse, it will be obvious

The reality is that not all physical abuse will leave a bruise, and not all bruises are indicators of abuse. Sometimes sudden weight loss can be a sign of abuse, that proper nutrition is being withheld or restricted. Abuse is not always obvious!

If you’re looking for dedicated professionals who understand the laws concerning elder abuse, reach out to Elder Services of Okaloosa County. We are a licensed home healthcare agency based in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, offering elder home care assistance, respite care, personal care, assisted living facilities, and much more.

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