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How to Access Assisted Living Care on a Budget

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Industry averages for Assisted Living Care vary widely. For most people, savings and Social Security income aren’t enough to pay for assisted living. In some cases, non-profit facilities are far more desirable for those on fixed incomes. Care for non-profit care in some areas can range from $2500/mo to $4000/mo. As experts in the field, we at Elder Services of Okaloosa County want to inform you about how non-profit facilities can help you access assisted living care on a budget. 

Benefits of non-profit facilities

Non-profit facilities tend to be more homelike in appearance. This is quality care without the frills. Budgeting concerns are more easily addressed in non-profit facilities for those on fixed incomes. These facilities are also more likely to accept subsidized care through Medicaid. Our two facilities were specifically designed for those who had no alternatives when they no longer felt secure living at home. Our services are all included in the monthly fee with no “up-charges” added on.

Steps on how to get assisted living care on a budget

1. Understand you need help

The first step in the process is to accept that it is no longer safe for you to remain at home by yourself. This will, by far, be the most difficult challenge in the process. Remember that you are not giving up your independence. In an ALF setting, you may come and go as you please and will be encouraged to make your own decisions about your care. We simply provide a safe environment for you to live and thrive.

2. Renew your finances and do your research 

Review your finances and then begin the search for a facility to your liking and one that will accommodate your budget. Explore eligibility for Medicaid Long-Term Care programs. If you appear to be eligible for Medicaid, start the process immediately as it often takes time to complete. Contact local resources for assistance with navigating the various elements of the process.

3. Visit several facilities 

Next, visit several facilities so that you know what will suit you best. Consider a temporary arrangement for thirty to sixty days to determine if you feel comfortable with your decision. During this period of time, don’t make any major decisions about selling your home or other belongings. This is just a trial period without commitment. It will help to make the transition smoother for you and reduce stress and anxiety.

4. Remember that this is an investment

Once you have explored all your options, it is time to make a decision. Consider the facility itself, your co-residents, and the staff in your decision. Could you imagine yourself spending your remaining years in this facility? You may then address the sale of property and belongings.

5. Keep the people you love in the loop

Be sure to have family and/or friends involved in the entire process. The support will be helpful and ease associated fears. Be honest with those you trust about your desires, concerns, and any anxiety you may be experiencing so that they will be there for you. Live your best life! Get involved in activities and resident council meetings, and keep in touch with family and friends. 

Aspects to keep in mind when working with us

a. We work with integrity

With our facilities, all costs are included in the monthly fee. There are no hidden fees or up-charges after you move in. The only responsibility of the resident is for personal needs such as special treats, clothing, and cell phones.

b. We work for you

Rents cover assistance as needed with personal care, housekeeping, self-administered medications, meals, board, activities, and laundry. The majority of the monthly costs go directly to resident services.

c. Do not delay in seeking help

I would encourage everyone to start looking early so that they have more control over their choices. There is no greater anxiety than to be put in a crisis position that restricts your options. Always be aware of your current situation and be honest with yourself about your actual needs versus your wants.

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