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How Our Community Of Faithful Volunteers Are Making A Difference

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As part of our health care agency’s commitment to giving back, our locally funded Meals on Wheels program has provided services to our most vulnerable elders and handicapped throughout the pandemic. This was possible only because of our community of faithful volunteers who assisted with preparing, packaging, and delivering meals.

How it all began

Having proper nutrition is vital for frail, vulnerable adults. Many studies have concluded that a proper diet can help not only with overall health but prolongs one’s ability to remain in their home.

That’s how Meals on Wheels began and has faithfully served the communities of Okaloosa County for over fifty years. We provide nutritionally-balanced meals that meet RDA recommendations for a modest cost to the elderly, handicapped, or recuperating individuals in our community who cannot do so for themselves due to the frailties associated with aging. With the help of our programs, our participants can live independent lives with dignity and confidence.

How we managed our Meals on Wheels program during the COVID crisis

Due to the pandemic and COVID norms, we have faced various challenges, but we made sure to prioritize providing meals to our seniors. Luckily we have had many volunteers whose lives were put on pause due to employment closures dedicated their time and efforts to help us out in this difficult time. They have demonstrated a level of care and compassion that was immeasurable. Not only did the volunteers assure us that a meal was delivered, but they also ensured our participants were safe.

It has been a great experience so far, and we are proud of what we have accomplished! In our surveys of our participants and volunteers, we learned that there is overwhelming support for our efforts and for the benefits of the program.

The future of Meals On Wheels

We will definitely continue to serve anyone in need of service, and we hope to expand our service areas by recruiting more volunteers. We have also started serving individuals outside the hot meal delivery area, with Meals on Wheels now offering a frozen meal option. The frozen meals are delivered to the client’s door for a two-week period of time.

If you’d like to be part of the delivery of nutritious meals to the many elderly, handicapped, or recuperating in Okaloosa County, click here to volunteer with us!

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