Position:  Kitchen Supervisor

Immediate Supervisor:  Facility Director

Major Responsibility


To assure safety, health, and welfare of residents by safe, efficient and timely preparation of meals for residents.




  1. Assure compliance with all regulatory and licensing agencies.

  2. Perform QA to assure meals are prepared in compliance with approved menu and to assure quality, proper portioning, good presentation and in accordance with current food handling regulations.

  3. Provide technical assistance as needed to ensure compliance with Facility Policies and Procedures and expectations.

  4. Monitor local vendors and recommend purchase of items at or below supplier price.

  5. Address resident issues with food quality and/or selection.

  6. In consultation with Facility Director, routinely review supplier food list for possible substitutions.

  7. Incorporate local food donations into regular menu while assuring compliance with nutritional guidelines.

  8. Analyze daily operations and develop recommendations to the Facility Director for possible improvements in efficiency and effectiveness.

  9. Check operating condition of all coolers and freezers daily.  Report any operating problems immediately to Maintenance Supervisor.

  10. Record temperatures of all coolers and freezers daily on AM shift.

  11. Prepare resident meals in compliance with approved menu, as directed, and in a timely manner.

  12. Prepare/package noon-time meals for Meals on Wheels program when scheduled.

  13. Assure that all meals are prepared, served and/or stored in compliance with approved food handling procedures (minimum hot temperatures:  hot 140°F; cold 40°F)

  14. All meals are to be served directly from the stove/oven to assure proper temperature maintenance.

  15. Measure and record food temperatures for each item served.

  16. Calculate accurately to avoid waste and/or leftovers.  Do NOT cook extra portions to serve meals to staff.

  17. Maintain perpetual and accurate inventory and record draw down of food.

  18. Submit food orders as necessary to maintain inventory required for compliance with approved menu.  Orders should be prepared to assure adequate inventory for a minimum of two weeks of meals.

  19. Put away inventory immediately upon delivery by vendor as appropriate.

  20. Assure all equipment, utensils, cooking pans and surfaces are cleaned and sanitized after each meal.

  21. Maintain kitchen, pantry, dishwashing areas, dining room and food prep areas in a safe and sanitary condition. 

  22. Abide by cleaning schedule outlined in publication, KITCHEN STAFF DUTIES.

  23. Monitor produce to prevent spoilage.  Incorporate fresh produce into scheduled menu to prevent waste.

  24. Monitor dry inventory to avoid infestation.  Report any evidence of rodent or roaches immediately to Maintenance Supervisor.

  25. Work cooperatively with Resident Aides and/or Housekeeping staff in serving meals.

  26. Report observations, concerns and problems to Facility Director or designated charge person.

  27. Work cooperatively with Facility Director to assure the most efficient and economical operation of kitchen.

  28. Assure assigned staff comply with all regulatory requirements as well as assigned duties.

  29. Other duties as assigned by Facility Director.


Conditions of Employment


This position requires a technical understanding of food preparation, portioning, measurement, and safe food handling practices.  Must be able to calculate and adjust for changes in number of meals needed.  Must provide results from a Level II Background Screening report which does not contain any disqualifying events as outlined by AHCA Standards.  Must hold current Food Manager’s Certification as well as First Aide/CPR.




Must have a minimum of a High School diploma or equivalent.  Must be knowledgeable of proper food handling methods and procedures.  Must be able to compute and adjust recipes for complete meal preparation in large quantities.  Must have gentle, caring and patient personality to address the needs of elder and frail residents.


Special Requirements


Must be able to work with little or no supervision.  Must be capable of managing time effectively and efficiently to assure assigned tasks are completed within time allowed and in a manner that assures quality work.  Must participate in mandatory two-hour Food Handling Training and other trainings as directed. 


Wage Scale

To be discussed upon interview and experience.

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